Monday, April 14, 2008

Just A Note

Hello All,

I wanted to take a few moments and talk about my files. A few people have written me about my files...saying they are having trouble opening them. I save all my files in PSP format. Each file has at least 2 or more layers. When you open my files into will see only my info layer open. I close off all other layers. This saves on file size. To see the file layers...all you need do is just click the Red X that is on the closed layer(s).

I'm sorry about the confusion....I didn't realize I would cause so much hassle.

Also, I must say...WOW....over 1600 hits! Thanks everyone! I must be doing something right.

Work was busy today...I'm tired. Need to get some rest. I work again tomorrow...then I'm off for a few days.Talk more later....

-hugs, Ziggy

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