Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hello Everyone....

How is everyone? Sorry I haven't posted in so long...WOW October just flew by! I was really busy last month with work and family things. I will be posting a bit more this month.

I have been getting emails about my downloads not working. That sucks...I don't know what it is. Cause they keep doing that. Anyway, I will be working on going through and checking all my downloads. I'm thinking of just redoing them all ...so that way they are all fresh. Sound Good?

I'm working on a few new kits... I was working on a few fall kits...but I'm thinking of just holding onto those and getting them ready for next year. That way I can start on new Christmas kits. I will be sharing with you some older Christmas kits...I did.

Also, thanks to everyone for all the awards things you have given me...don't worry I will get something posted for each of you later today.

Okay, I think I covered everything for now....Oh, I will post another note once I get all the downloads fixed.

Chat with you later....

`hugs Ziggy

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