Saturday, December 5, 2009

I got another blog award....


Many thanks to Butter at "Butterfly Flutterby Creations"
Lisa at "Lisa's Stuff", And Sam at "Sweet Indulgecne Scrapz" for nominating me for this Award!

Be sure to check out both of their blogs...they have some great things for you to download.

The next part of receiving this award is to write 10 things about me on my blog.

1. I'm a proud Mother of 3 Autistic boys.
2. I enjoy archery, my Hubby and I compete against each other.
I love beating him...
3. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother. My brother and I are the 2 in the middle.
4. I love a good mystery....
5. I am addicted to the whole Parranormal thing...
6. I love all shades of green....I know, wierd Hun!
7. I have loved all vampire movies, all my life.
8. I'm a HUGE fan of The Phantom of The Opera
9. I love to listen to music while I create.
10. I love to read my comments, and see what others create with my work.

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