Sunday, April 6, 2014

New PTU " Pieces Of My Heart " Kit

Hello Everyone,

I'm still working on a new tagger kit...but I decided to finish up this kit.  It got started back before I left and it was bugging me to be finished for April is " Autism Awareness Month! "

This kit is very near and dear to my heart!  I am a proud mom of 3 boys...and they all are on the Autism Spectrum.  They are happy and fun loving boys and I feel I'm truly blessed to be their mom!

Love you, Andrew, Bryce, & truly are the " Pieces Of My Heart! "

Kit includes:
12 - Papers & 45 - Elements

Is for sell in both Full & Tagger Sizes...

 photo amz_dapreview2_psp.jpg
You can Purchase my new kit directly through my paypal.

PTU ITEM it may take up to a few hours
to recieve especially if you order throughout the night.
Also Due to time zone differences....


Enjoy and have a great night!

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