Monday, June 16, 2014

New " Most Magnificent Creature " Tut

Thanks to Bev of " Ghostworks Online " for joining my Creative Team....and sharing her wonderful new tutorial.

It's called " The Most Magnificent Creature ". It uses my " Midnight Blue PTU " kit.... Here is the tag she made me....

 photo tigerhead1.jpg
If you would like to give Bev's tutorial a try.... Just Click Here



I gave this tutorial a try and I found it to be easy to follow.  I enjoyed it and here is my result of using the tut.
 photo AMZ_BelleFlower_Ziggy.jpg

Again, if you have wrote a tutorial using one of my creations...just send me your link and I will post it for you.

Chat with you later...

~hugs Ziggy

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